Linyi Jintai Concrete Co., Ltd. is a professional company which produces premixed commercial concrete, premixed mortar, multi industry, collectivization and cross region. The company's annual production capacity is 10 million cubic meters. There are 11 modern large-scale environmental protection concrete mixing stations, 6 mixing stations built, 100 types of pressure type pumping equipment, and 300 concrete transport vehicles. Production, transportation and pumping capacity are among the best in the same industry in Linyi.
Technology wins the future: the company has 500 employees, 100 college degree or above, 52 middle and high tech titles, including 7 senior technicians, 45 mid-level technicians. Hire Chinese Building Materials Science Research Institute, Beijing University of architecture, Wuhan University of Technology, Tianjin Municipal Engineering Research Institute, Tongji University, Beijing University of Shanghai Innovation Institute and other 12 domestic concrete materials experts as senior technical consultant, maintain technical cooperation. There are 12 patents of invention. At the 2017 China Commodity concrete annual meeting, it was named "the best brand

Fully meet the customer's demand for the centralized supply of concrete in a short time

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